Thursday, September 1, 2011

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Dear Friend,
We don’t know each other yet, but we hope that will change soon!  We’ve written a little bit about ourselves and we hope to hear from you soon to answer any other questions you may have.  Our email address is 
Our Story
In February 2005, just two weeks after Michael returned from his mission, we both showed up with friends at the monthly Young Single Adult dance for our stake in Virginia.  Neither one of us expected to meet our eternal companion that night, but within a few short weeks we both knew that we had.  We spent hours just talking and it felt like we’d been friends for years. After two weeks we were inseparable.  By the end of August, we were married and living in Provo while Michael finished school at BYU.  In the years that have followed, our friendship has only grown stronger.    We’ve been through a lot together.  We’ve experienced highs and lows, felt great joy and great sorrow.  Through it all, our commitment to each other and the Lord has made us stronger and brought us closer. 
Adoption Decision
Nearly two years after we were married and after countless prayers, we were given a miracle.  We named her Lily.  We always imagined we would have a big family and we were excited to welcome more little ones to our home in the future.  The journey to grow our family has been a rough one and not at all what we expected.  The past four years have been difficult with fertility problems and recurrent miscarriages.  Before we were married we had talked about adoption and now we realize that it is our best option.            
Michael (Mike)
Michael was born in Provo, UT but moved to the east coast when he was four and grew up in Northern Virginia.  He’s the 5th of eight children with three older sisters, one older brother, and three younger brothers.  He always loved kids growing up and knew that being a great dad and husband was one of his most important goals in life.  Michael loves to make homemade pizza and cookies and then eat them.  He also likes drawing, games of all kinds, playing sports, camping, hiking, listening to music, and watching movies.   In high school Michael ran cross country and track and performed in the show choir.  Michael served a mission in Oakland, California speaking Laotian.  At BYU Michael taught at the Missionary Training Center and earned his commission in the Air Force through ROTC.       
Jessica (Jess)
Jessica was born in Virginia.  Her dad was in the Navy and though she moved around a lot, she still always considered Virginia her home state.  She moved around a lot but ended up in Virginia every other time.  When her dad retired from the military in 2002, her family stayed in the DC area. She’s the 2nd of six children with one older sister, two younger brothers and two younger sisters.  Jessica always knew she wanted to be a wife and mom.  She always babysat her siblings as well as many other neighborhood children.  Jessica loves to read, sing, scrapbook, camp, cook, go shopping, do family history and spend time with family.  In high school Jessica enjoyed singing in the choir with her two closest friends.  Jessica attended college at George Mason University in Virginia. 

Lily is a fun-loving four year old girl.  She’s definitely a social butterfly who loves to be surrounded by other children.  Sleep is an inconvenience to Lily – she never likes missing out on anything.  Lily thoroughly enjoys her weekly tap/ballet class and her big kid four year old preschool class.  At home during the day she loves reading, doing puzzles, playing games, cooking, and doing crafts with Jess, playing outside and having play dates with friends.  When Michael comes home from work, he and Lily always enjoy some quality daddy-daughter time and on weekends she is eager to go on daddy-daughter dates to the park for a picnic lunch.  Each night before she goes to sleep, Lily prays and asks her Heavenly Father to send her a brother and sister.  She’s really looking forward to being a big sister and can’t wait to help feed the baby, rock the baby, and sing to the baby.
We’re looking forward to an open adoption.  Your baby will always know that he/she came to our family a special way.  We look forward to exchanging letters, emails, and phone calls in the future.  We know it is important for you to know that your baby is loved and happy.
Our family is ready for another baby.  We are not complete yet and we all know it – even Lily.   We long for sleepless nights and dirty diapers.  We hope our family will be able to grow soon.
Michael and Jessica

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