Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Princess Cinderella

Too much candy!!  That's what you'll find in our house.  Between the trunk or treat at church and trick or treating last night, we have too much candy.  Thankfully Michael will eat most of it.  In fact last night, Lily came home, dumped her candy out on the kitchen counter, and asked if she could have a little bit more dinner please.  She only ate candy when Michael asked if she wanted to share some Skittles with him!  I was shocked but definitely had no complaints. 

Lily dressed up as Cinderella for Halloween.  She already had the dress but I agreed to buy her a crown and let her wear my special dangly pearl earrings.  This was huge for Lily.  She's never allowed to wear dangly earrings, and wearing my nice ones was icing on the cake for her! 

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