Monday, October 3, 2011

.................General Conference Weekend............

We LOVE conference weekend!  What an amazing experience it is, twice a year, to hear the words of choice men and women of God.  We try hard to make it a fun and exciting weekend so that Lily understands just how special and wonderful it is. 

Friday night was backyard camping night.  We cooked hot dogs over the fire and slept in our tent.  Lily was especially excited to get brand new winter jammies to stay cozy overnight. 

On Saturday we started the day with yummy apple cinnamon muffins, eggs, and hot chocolate.  We were all excited for conference to start and Lily couldn't wait to hear her "favorite prophet" speak. Poor Michael was just a little bit tired!  Lily painted and made sure that Jaynie was comfortable.  In between sessions we took down the tent and cleaned up all of our stuff from the camp out. 

After conference Lily went to a birthday party  for a little boy in her preschool class, Mason.   Lily claims to love Mason and  the two frequently refer to each other as their boyfriend or girlfriend.   Lily was super giddy having Mason put his arm around her and could hardly contain herself for a picture.

Sunday was an amazing day of conference.  Somehow, after four hours on Saturday, Lily was still excited to watch again on Sunday.  We filled our day with fun crafts - the kitchen table was moved into the living room.  Lily painted wood letters to spell the word family.  She picked out ribbon with hearts on it (because we love each other) to hang the letters in our family room.

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